Registration - Player Registration extended until May 25

  • Capacity: 28 teams total, with 16 teams in the handicap division, and 12 teams in the scratch division - division team counts may be revised based on registrations. 
  • What’s included: T-shirt, access to all social events
  • Captain registration opens: Monday, April 15
  • Player registration opens: Thursday, April 18
    • Fee increases from $95 (Early Bird) to $105 (Normal) on Monday, April 29. 
  • Registration closes: Saturday, May 25
  • Team composition: Three players per team in the scratch division, and four players per team in the handicap division. The tournament is designed for full-team rosters, and teams are encouraged to register full teams. 
  • How to qualify for the scratch division (three-person teams): Open to non-USBC sanctioned team or league play, with or without established averages.
  • How to qualify for the handicap division (four-person teams):
    • Provide the following documentation: 
      • Name
      • USBC ID number, if bowled in a sanctioned league
      • Latest available average and the contact information for the league official who provided bowler handicap data. Information from other sources must receive prior approval from the bowling manager.  
    • If a bowler does not upload adequate documentation of their current average, the team captain is responsible to provide this. Failure to provide adequate documentation will not disqualify a bowler, but the team will receive a zero score for that bowler’s average.
    • In the interest of equitable play for all, the bowling manager has the authority to adjust a bowler's handicap as appropriate.

Tournament Schedule

  • Day 1 (Saturday): shift one from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and shift two from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Day 2 (Sunday): Elimination play and finals play (if qualified).
    • Elimination: Shift one from 10 a.m. and shift two from 12 p.m.
    • Finals: From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m..
    • If time and lane availability allows, a single charity benefit game may be held. Proceeds will be split between the winner and Stonewall charity(ies). Details will be provided at a later date. 
  • The first bowling shift will be alternated during Saturday's and Sunday's competition play.

Tournament Format 

  • Teams, elimination and final play.
  • Non-interdivisional - e.g., a team from the handicap division will not play against a team from the scratch division.
  • Time permitting, the lanes will be re-oiled between each day's shift play.
  • As competition allows, unused lanes may be available for recreational play.
  • If a complete team roster cannot be formed:
    • In the handicap division, efforts will first be made to randomly assign registered bowler(s) without a team assignment to the team. If there is still a vacancy, the team will bowl and a handicap score of 100 will be applied to the vacancy. 
    • In the scratch division, the bowling manager has the right to assign available bowlers to the team. If there is still a vacancy, the missing player’s score will be an automatic zero for all competition games; thus, scratch teams are strongly advised to ensure full rosters
  • Minimum number of games: Four
  • Elimination: Three games are bowled on the first day, and the fourth/final game is bowled on the second day. Teams will be ranked by the sum of their scores from the elimination plays from both shifts. A maximum of the highest-ranked 12 teams from the handicap division and eight teams from the scratch division will advance to finals play. 
  • Finals: Following day 2 elimination play concludes and a 10-minute warm-up period. Team totals are reset. A single game will determine the tournament winner and first runner-up based on totals. In case of a tie, one additional frame will be bowled in a “sudden death” round. 


Memory Lanes
2520 S 26th Ave.,
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Captains: If you attempt to register and your sport has hit team capacity, please contact the sport managers listed below and ask to be added to a waitlist. In the event registered teams do not meet team status, they may consolidate or forfeit their spot in the tournament, and sport managers will reach out to those on the waitlist to ask if they're still interested in and able to field a team.

Bowling Managers:

Paul Eiswerth (He/Him), co-manager. Stonewall Sports - Pittsburgh, PA.

Leah Ecaruan (She/Her), co-manager. Stonewall Sports - Columbus, OH.

Please note: All information including but not limited to tournament structure and rule books is subject to change at the discretion of the tournament's leadership. Captains will be expected to be the primary points of contact for their players. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the managers for your individual sports. Player conduct and game integrity is a core component of providing a positive experience for all. Tournament leadership will have the express right to remove or ban a player without refund for violations of our player conduct policy.