Dodgeball Showcase

Registration - Player Registration extended until May 25

  • Capacity: 10 teams, 80 players total 
  • What’s included: T-shirt, access to all social events
  • Player registration opens: Thursday, April 18. Fee is $25.
    • The showcase is open to women, transgender and nonbinary players.
    • Registered Dodgeball Showcase players may also register for the Classic Dodgeball Tournament. 
    • Players can register as individuals or in pairs (subject to leadership discretion).
  • Player registration closes: Saturday, May 25.
  • Team composition: Players are randomly assigned to teams of six to eight (subject to change based on registration numbers).

Tournament Schedule

  • Day 1 (Friday, July 19): Start and end times to be determined; round robin play, followed by the single elimination tournament.

Tournament Format 

  • Teams, single elimination
  • Minimum number of games: Five round robin games guaranteed, plus the single elimination tournament.


To be announced

Dodgeball Managers:

Tanja Kaiser (She/Her)
Stonewall Sports - Twin Cities, MN

Chad Kovacs (He/Him)
Stonewall Sports - Raleigh, NC

Jeffrey Priesmeyer (He/Him)
Stonewall Sports - Twin Cities, MN

Please note: All information including but not limited to tournament structure and rule books is subject to change at the discretion of the tournament's leadership. Captains will be expected to be the primary points of contact for their players. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the managers for your individual sports. Player conduct and game integrity is a core component of providing a positive experience for all. Tournament leadership will have the express right to remove or ban a player without refund for violations of our player conduct policy.